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13th August 2018 | Written by ILB | Categories : reviews

If you’re looking to progress towards a fit and healthy lifestyle, it can be tricky to know where to begin. That’s why Sophie at Sophie Pavey Fitness is dedicated to making working out as approachable and effective as possible. In fact, Sophie regularly puts our Wendy Green through her paces – I Love Bramhall couldn’t resist meeting up with Sophie to find out more.

A self-employed personal trainer, Sophie has been based at Anytime Fitness in the Village Square for over a year. Sophie started work at a gym at the tender age of 16 and working her way up to the role of assistant manager just two years later, Sophie says that the gym is her second home – and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Sophie Pavey Fitness

With her beaming smile and bubbly personality, Sophie is a pleasant surprise to anyone who’s seen terrifying TV personal trainers ordering people to “keep pushing!” and “work harder!”. She challenges any preconceptions of what a PT could or should be like, which is refreshing – and a relief!

The training Sophie offers doesn’t just start and end at the gym; she provides 24/7 support and is always just a tap away on social media or the free Sophie Pavey Fitness app – download it here. Sophie offers a comprehensive service that tackles all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, based on the premise that every good workout needs to be fuelled by good food.

Just like us, Sophie loves Bramhall: right on the doorstep of the gym, there’s a health food shop, fresh greengrocer and local butcher. Sophie encourages a balanced but not restrictive diet, suggesting healthier alternatives to satisfy sugary cravings that won’t make you miss out on the food you love.

Sophie Pavey Fitness

Before creating the bespoke fitness plan that each client receives, Sophie analyses her customer’s current diet, digestion and movement levels – this way, she can ensure she offers targeted and realistic personal training. No-one is just a number; Sophie really gets to know her clients.

She also advises against ‘miracle’ diets or quick fixes, aiming to build her clients’ confidence, both in themselves and in the gym – and judging by the feedback from her current clients, she’s doing a wonderful job of it. Customers say that Sophie has helped them create the body they have always wanted, and Wendy has heaps of praise for Sophie, too: “Sophie makes me feel completely at ease, gives me a great workout and is both fun and motivational – I love my sessions with Sophie Pavey Fitness!”

If you’ve ever tried to take on gym equipment that you have only a vague idea how to use, you’ll know that some of those machines are bafflingly futuristic. Sophie teaches effective and safe techniques, ensuring that the gym equipment’s potential is maximised while avoiding the risk of injury due to improper use.

Sophie Pavey Fitness

If one-to-one training isn’t for you, Sophie suggests bringing a friend or partner along. This way you can share the experience, encourage each other to keep going and also split the cost, making it a more economic way to approach personal training.

Can’t make it to the gym? Or maybe you’re looking for a different workout environment; either way, Sophie is able to visit clients’ homes or even lead exercises in Bramhall Park. With her expert knowledge and a portable gym kit she truly can bring the gym to your doorstep – ideal for anybody looking after a little one who needs that bit of time out to look after themselves. 

Sophie Pavey Fitness

Sophie’s advice for anyone looking to get involved in the gym is to “ease yourself into it and don’t push too hard at first”. Great results will come in time – Sophie’s golden rules are patience and consistency, and there’s plenty of proof that her approach works over on her Instagram feed!

**SPECIAL OFFER** Sophie Pavey Fitness is offering I Love Bramhall readers a FREE personal training session with each course booked – just mention I Love Bramhall when booking!

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To find out more about what Sophie Pavey Fitness offers, get in touch using the links below:

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