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I LOVE Prestige Logic

18th September 2018 | Written by ILB | Categories : reviews

Technology is integral to business, and being able to rely on professionals to manage your IT systems and security helps keep everything ticking along while you focus your efforts on what you’re best at. I Love Bramhall met up with the computer whizzes at Prestige Logic to find out how their professional team ensures the digital side of your business is kept safe, secure and fully functional.

If the phrase ‘IT support services’ conjures up images of tangled cables and black computer screens, you aren’t alone. Here at I Love Bramhall, we’re lucky to have the on-hand expertise of local IT experts Prestige Logic, who handle various vital elements of our business such as website and email hosting.

Prestige Logic

Set up more than a decade ago, Prestige Logic was founded by local lad Russell Snelson, who was born and bred in Hazel Grove. Based in Bramhall for a period of time, Prestige Logic moved down the road to Hazel Grove’s Rhino Court a couple of years ago into premises shared by PAL Hire – Russel’s wife Sam’s business venture.

Prestige Logic

Russell and Sam following a sponsored bike ride

Starting out in science and then moving into software creation for legal firms, Russell found that his computational and analytical skills translated effectively across into the IT sector; and so Prestige Logic  was born 11 years ago – an IT support services provider handling the tech side of business so that you don’t have to.

Aiming to take the strain of managing IT systems and processes away from business owners so they can focus their efforts elsewhere, Prestige Logic’s 10-strong team of computer experts cater for all sizes of company with their vast array of services, all for a flat monthly fee that includes software and hardware procurement, installation, implementation and support.

Prestige Logic

Prestige Logic caters for clients across industries like civil engineering, law, accountancy and manufacturing, with between one and 300 users on average. As such, the IT support services provider is able to find and implement the right tech solutions for each business, based on its unique needs.

The company deals with both well-established firms and startups, with monthly fees starting at just £20. For clients requiring more complex services, the monthly fee scales rises in line. Prestige Logic manages the IT needs of several of our local businesses here in Bramhall but also caters for customers on a nationwide scale, offering the same high level of service and attention to detail for each and every client, regardless of size or spend.

Prestige Logic

Wendy & some of the Prestige Logic team a few years ago filming a video

Businesses entrusting their IT support to Prestige Logic benefit from 24/7 proactive monitoring, 365 days a year, which means that potential faults or threats can be identified and dealt with in advance, rather than after the fact, when damage may have already been done. The company can speak to software or hardware suppliers on a business’ behalf, allowing companies to concentrate on being more productive and using their time efficiently.

For some companies, the available range of computer programmes doesn’t quite cut it, in which case Prestige Logic is happy to create custom software that fully meets a client’s specific needs. Rightly proud of its excellent reputation, Prestige Logic is fully GDPR compliant and offers both managed IT solutions and cloud computing applications, covering all bases when it comes to looking after a business’ best interests.

Prestige Logic

It’s not just clients that benefit from the tech gurus’ efforts, though; Prestige Logic is also committed to supporting good causes. The company sponsors Hope for Justice – a non-profit organisation committed to ending slavery and human trafficking. Meanwhile, Russell himself gets actively involved in fundraising – his latest endeavour will be a sponsored walk in September to raise money for an Alzheimer’s charity.

Whether you’re a sole trader in need of some small-scale IT support or a big business looking for a bespoke solution, Prestige Logic can help – use the links below to get in touch today.

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