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I Love Pownall Probex Club

27th February 2020 | Written by ILB | Categories : reviews

Retirement is prime time to enjoy the good things in life: friendship, good conversation and enjoyable activities. Pownall Probex Club gives retired and semi-retired men in our community the opportunity for all of this and more every Wednesday.

I Love Bramhall met up with Vice Chairman Membership Secretary David Marmion to find out how the club helps provide opportunities for stimulating social interaction and activities in retirement.

Founded in 1969 as the Cheadle and District Probex Club and later renamed, the Pownall Probex Club is a group of around 35 men who meet regularly on a Wednesday at the Cheshire Line Tavern in Cheadle for interesting conversation and social outings.

Members, now in retirement, are all former leaders in employment and / or in the community. David, who lives in Bramhall with his wife, formerly worked as an architectural technologist in private practice, as well as being Chairman of Bramhall Football Club for many years. 

Members’ professional backgrounds are broad, covering a range of professions including teaching, science, aerospace and business, and the club is proud to count some well-known local names among its members. 

Pownall Probex Club meets at 10am, enjoying coffee, a warm welcome and a short quiz, followed by an interesting talk given by a visiting speaker. Talks cover an extensive range of topics, from aviation to music; travel journalism to football.

Following the talk, members retire to the bar for half a pint or so and lots more lively conversation, and once a month members stay on for a pub lunch, with partners and wives invited along too.

“We appreciate the opportunity to meet with others having a similar interest in promoting good fellowship by stimulating discussion and various activities, thereby ensuring the wellbeing of all.” Greg Aspinall, Chairman

In addition to the regular meetings, members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of outings and social events: a short rural walk is organised once a month, with members enjoying some light exercise in pleasant company, and the club regularly arranges theatre trips to Chads in Cheadle and other local playhouses.

Throughout the year the club holds special events meals, which are always well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. Previously, meals have been enjoyed at local favourites like The Deanwater Hotel in Woodford and the Wycliffe Hotel in Edgeley. 

Membership costs just £45 per year and a small additional amount of £2 is paid at meetings to cover the cost of coffee. Prospective members are invited to attend their first two meetings completely free of charge.

Pownall Probex Club is limited to 50 members, which ensures warm, friendly interaction and means that members have the opportunity to build friendships with familiar faces. The club is currently accepting new members and would like to invite interested men along to their upcoming meetings – if you enjoy the experience, you can apply to join the club.

For more information about the fun and friendship to be had at Pownall Probex Club, or to arrange a free visit, all the details you’ll need are below:

Web: pownallprobexclub.org.uk/index.htm

Email: Chairman: [email protected] 

            Vice Chairman: [email protected] 

            Membership Secretary: [email protected] 

Meetings: 10am – 11.30am most Wednesdays at The Cheshire Line Tavern, Cheadle SK8 2NZ.