I LOVE Mark Bristow, the Financial Healer I LOVE Mark Bristow, the Financial Healer
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I LOVE Mark Bristow, the Financial Healer

13th September 2016 | Written by ILB | Categories : reviews

What is NLP? What is EFT? How can these two combine to help you reach your goals in life? Who can give me this help? Mark Bristow is the man for you in Bramhall, so we caught up with him to see what is work is all about.

Mark, born and bred in Bristol, moved up to Bramhall around 8 years ago to live with his (now) wife. It was a hard decision for Mark, but one that he is now 100% glad that he’s made.

mark bristowSince leaving school down in Bristol, he’s worked in financial services all of his career for various companies. Just before moving up North, Mark decided to take up Neuro  Linguistic Programming (NLP) to better himself and in doing so, realised that was the path he wanted to go down with the rest of his career.

If you’re wondering what Neuro Linguistic Programming is, you’re not the first one to be doing so! Mark says it gives insights into how our thinking patterns can effect every aspect of our lives. It looks at the way in which we think and process our thoughts (Neuro), the language patterns we use (Linguistic) and our behaviours (Programming) and how these interact to have a positive (or negative) effect on us as individuals.

NLP combines well with another one of Mark’s services, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is often described as Acupuncture without the needles.

mark bristow

Mark Bristow

Mark deals with people who aren’t where they want to be in life and discovers the beliefs and habits which dictates their life pattern and stops them from getting to where they want to be. He’s mainly involved in financial help (hence the name, ‘Financial Healer,’ but also deals with issues such as anxiety and depression. Emotional freedom technique is a mental form of acupuncture and can work to resolve any problem. If you’re reading this thinking maybe Mark can help you with whatever you’re silently suffering with, the chances are that he can!

“Bramhall is a great place to live, so why wouldn’t you want to stay here? I’ve met some great friends in work and out of work up here.”

A main find for Mark since moving to Bramhall is how everyone has been friendly to him since the word go – thank you Mark! With a wife who works in a restaurant (Oliver’s in Woodford), they’re fond of going out for meals when they get the chance. The Bubble Room, Mecarto, Romulus and Napa are amongst favourites of their family and we can all agree on that can’t we!?

Being self employed is the same with everyone – people will come back to you off the back of good customer service and an efficient service, exactly what Mark offers. He works by himself but also works with a North-West group of people who do similar things to him and even mentors some of them. Mark’s ambition is to train people how to learn the ‘tap-in’ side of things in the long run, and why wouldn’t you with all of the experience he holds!?


Since moving to Bramhall in the summer of 2008 and getting married the following February, Mark has seen his business take off and grow in stature. Operating under the name of ‘The Financial Healer’  and with a book published with the same name, you can expect to see a lot more of him over the coming years, continuing to help people change their thinking habits and unlocking the door into a better life where goals can be reached. Over 32 five star reviews is testimony to that, so if you’re struggling with anything yourself, get in touch with Mark – it might just change your life for the better!

Download : Kindle version here and the paperback here.