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I LOVE Liz Kay Mortgages

1st August 2016 | Written by ILB | Categories : reviews

You’ll have heard of Liz Kay before and will know that she’s an expert in the mortgages field, but do you know her?

Do you know about her business? I went into her gorgeous Bramhall home to find out more about her…

Liz Kay Mortgages

1982 was the start of her journey in an estate agents as a secretary where she stayed for 17 years, quickly venturing into a new position as a mortgage adviser and then to Senior Mortgage Adviser. A few years followed in a small firm who did mortgages for independent estate agents until 2008 came and the market and global economy started to take a turn for the worse. Liz’s daughter was about to start high school and Liz wanted to ensure that she was home when she finished school. It sprung upon her that she’d be able to do what she was already doing – but at home! March 2008 was when Liz Kay Mortgages was born – named as such so that customers know exactly what they’re getting and so that they know they’ll get a personal approach.

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Previous customers followed her due to the rapport they shared and used her without question – even passing on their recommendations to the next generation of their family. When asked whether she enjoys working at home, Liz instantly replied ‘Love it!’ In the coming weeks, however, she will be loving it even more, as she’s upgrading her office from her back room to her garage. Refurbishment and redecorating has been time consuming but will definitely be worth it as a more spacious office area approaches and a new chapter begins.

A Bramhall girl since she was 4 years old and an attendant of Bramhall High, Liz went straight into work at the age of 16, sidelining college and university but picking up her qualifications along the way on the job. Her office was full of certificates and awards – a credit to her hard work – as well as a pair of Joe Hart signed gloves taking pride of place. Liz is a very big City fan if that wasn’t enough of a clue!

Joe Hart Gloves

Joe Hart Gloves

Liz has one more staff member called Warren who works on a self employed basis and has done for about three years. They met through mutual friends and had a similar career path. A key mantra for Liz Kay Mortgages is to be fast and reliable in getting back to customers. If you leave an answer phone message, then you can be sure to receive a call back within the same day.

18 months of commuting to and from Sunderland to see her other half Paul is now over as he’s moved down to Bramhall himself, so socialising in the area is starting to pick up again. Piccolino’s, Mercato Italiano and The Bubble Room were all mentioned when asked what her favourite restaurants and bars were. All very popular places in the Bramhall community as you all know!

“Customer service is the only thing that keeps people coming back to me.”

With Liz you’ll get value for your money, expert advice and the absolute BEST personal service you could ask for. Ask around, you’ll know someone who has had first hand experience of Liz and her reputation is huge within our area. Recommendations are aplenty on various Facebook groups and it’s easy to see why once you speak to Liz. She pays attention to every word you say and really takes it on board – a key trait to have for someone who will be dealing with your mortgage, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Spare time is spent with the local 1st Bramhall Brownies and Guides. Thought of in a very fond way within the Guides community, Liz helped even after her own daughter had finished and eventually opened the new Benja Fold Guide unit which looks after around 70 girls. A lot of added responsibility for a business owner, but she thrives for it!

She was recently awarded the Girl Guiding Starfish Award, which was extra special for her as her guides awarded it to her.

Liz Kay Guide LeaderStarfish Award - Liz Kay

Liz Kay Mortgages is growing all the time and is the reputation isn’t slowing down any time soon! With Liz it’s personal, and that’s exactly what you want with a mortgage advisor.

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