I LOVE Keller Kitchens at Byles of Bramhall I LOVE Keller Kitchens at Byles of Bramhall
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I LOVE Keller Kitchens at Byles of Bramhall

15th June 2020 | Written by ILB | Categories : reviews

Remember when Keller Kitchens at Byles, on Moss Lane here in Bramhall, celebrated their ten-years-in-Bramhall anniversary? Actually, Byles has been in business way longer than that. WAY longer.

Amazingly, there will be a centenary to celebrate in the not too distant future. First things first, though, there will be an impressive ninetieth anniversary in just a couple of years. Here’s to many more years of Penny Egan and her talented team bringing inspirational design, flawless function and beautiful kitchens to Bramhall – and beyond.


A True Family Firm

Byles – like so many of our Bramhall businesses – is a truly family-run firm, launched by Penny’s grandparents back in 1932. Penny is the friendly face  – and the fount of knowledge – of the operation here in Bramhall. Penny’s brother, Chris, runs Byles over in leafy Marple. There, Byles are also purveyors of an equally stylish and high-quality bedroom and office furniture. For the perfect home, they really do have you covered. In-keeping with the company’s rich history, Byles has supplied exquisite yet functional, high-end yet attainable, Dutch-design Keller kitchens for thirty years (Keller have been creating beautiful kitchens since 1946, so are the perfect partner for Byles). They also stock state-of-the-art, innovative Neff appliances – and have done so for well over forty years. 


Kitchen Futures

So much has changed – if not evolved – in kitchen function, form and design in that time. Even during the ten years in Bramhall, kitchen styles and desires have altered. A decade ago, everyone clamoured for white or cream, high gloss, and almost clinical kitchens with a statement or oversized handles. Now, demand is tending towards handle-less, ultra-matt, dramatically dark finishes – charcoal, anthracite, carbon black and stormy-sky navy blues. Robust and industrial looks – think feature ducts and exposed copper piping – are as practical as they are stylish. Metal and concrete type worktops, tactile textures, and splashes of bold or bright accent colours as well all add a very current vibe.

Design and space-wise, many clients are still loving bright and airy, open-plan living spaces. Large islands take pride of place,  yet also serve a purpose. The kitchen is now the real heart of the home, somewhere to chill and relax, or to work, or to play. The perfect kitchen is a statement, a real feature – not simply somewhere to cook. The perfect kitchen is all about convenience and entertainment, as well as stunning style. Maybe this is a good thing, as post-Covid social lives may be more about small groups of friends in your home.

But – and it’s a big but – with Byles, like any good design company, it’s about you: what you and your family want, and need, from your kitchen. As Penny says,

“We work closely with our customers on design and ergonomics of the kitchen – kitchen design is not all about filling the space. Currently, we are creating family spaces. People want easy-to-use kitchens, better storage and pull-outs and drawers which can take far more weight than older kitchen units. Improved technology is allowing our clients to connect and control their appliances from their ipads or tablets.


Inspect Our Gadgets

There are so many fabulous new kitchen appliances and capabilities. Take the ultra-convenience of the Quooker Cube – the cube attachment dispenses chilled, filtered sparkling water – and other modern-day must-haves. These include – but certainly aren’t limited to – wine chillers, sleek slide away doors on ovens, coffee machines, and wi-fi enabled smart appliances.

Byles has also innovated a clever new tool for its customers. You can still devise and design your dream kitchen now when so much needs to be done online or at a distance. Yes, Byles is open for business, but their online Kitchen Planner can start the process in just a few clicks.

It also works by providing you with important information such as:

  • * Preferred styles
  • * Potential layout options based on your space
  • * Accurate room measurements

Tap through to the link to give it a go: https://byles-of-hyde.designatweb.cloud/

Bramhall LOVES Byles

Byles truly are an established family firm with a fabulous future, and Penny loves what they have achieved here in Bramhall. She’s lived here for 22 years and worked in the showroom for the last 12 years:

“I LOVE being able to walk into the village and know so many people. For me, it’s definitely still THE friendliest village to live in. There are also so many walks around the area that we have discovered over the years.

I try and use as many other local businesses as possible. You can buy most things here in the village and supporting the local community is vital to me – as both a resident and a business owner. I love the community spirit of all the business owners and how they support each other.”

Penny with Bramhall Business Owners – Fiona and Sue

Penny LOVES Bramhall and I LOVE Keller Kitchens at Byles. And I have severe kitchen envy. Time to do something about it and start planning with Byles today– I suggest you do, too.