Save pounds and the planet with Ink and Toner World Bramhall Save pounds and the planet with Ink and Toner World Bramhall
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Save pounds and the planet with Ink and Toner World Bramhall

5th November 2019 | Written by ILB | Categories : reviews

Ink and Toner World  have been in the printer business for 17 years, repairing, remanufacturing and refilling printer cartridges to save customers around 60 per cent on new replacements. I Love Bramhall stopped by for a chat with owner Tom Kelly to find out more about how his specialist business helps customers save a packet while caring for the planet.

Nestled on Moss Lane just around the corner from the roundabout, Ink and Toner World is a printer cartridge supplier that specialises in repairing and refilling spent cartridges, reducing waste and providing value for customers. 

Originally from Glasgow but now based in Altrincham, owner Tom, his wife Susan and her sister Dawn established the business back in 2003, setting up a few other branches within the area too, which Tom has since happily sold on to the respective shop managers. 

Ink and Toner World in Bramhall supplies domestic customers as well as businesses and organisations – 250 of them, in fact! From schools – including Hursthead and Queensgate primaries – and doctor’s surgeries, to estate agents (all 17 branches of Gascoigne Halman!), Tom and tech manager Stephen help everybody save money when it comes to their printing needs – even one business that’s based in the House of Commons!

Anyone who’s used a printer will know that ink isn’t cheap; Ink and Toner World undercuts the outlay involved in buying new cartridges by refilling your old ones. They also repair broken cartridges and replace damaged bits with long-life parts, helping customers keep costs down. 

Ink and Toner

Tom estimates that by paying for ink refills rather than buying new replacement cartridges, it’s possible to save 60 per cent on the cost of a brand new replacement – many cartridges cost £100 new but can be refilled for just £42 instead. A customer in Buxton, for example, who prints magazines, has saved approximately £2,500 per year by switching to Ink and Toner World’s refill service, Tom says. 

A secondary benefit of repairing and refilling ink cartridges is the reduction in waste. Ink and Toner World has long worked to the motto ‘refill, not landfill’: instead of sending dozens of cartridges to the tip, customers are able to reuse their cartridges again and again, and even have them mended if they break. It’s a win for the customer, and for the environment. And if you need some cartridges to begin with, Ink and Toner World are well stocked – buy a set and get the fourth free!

Ink and Toner

Alongside the printer cartridge services, Ink and Toner World also operates an eCig business, refilling the liquid in the cartridges with the same objective: to help customers make significant savings. Tom only stocks top-quality eCig liquids from Vampire Vape and Pure Mist, which are based in the UK and fully licensed.

There are a variety of eCigarettes and liquids on sale, as well as all kinds of stationery supplies. There’s plenty more than what’s on show at the shop, too – pop in and ask for a catalogue to feast your eyes on a whopping 22,000 products! If anything you’d like isn’t in store, Tom can put an order in and have it delivered to the shop the next day. 

Ink and Toner

Ink and Toner World also offers printing services, so if you haven’t got a printer at home but would like a physical copy of something, just email over your order or bring in a pen drive with the files – printouts cost from 10p per page and there’s a discount for bulk orders. If you’d like something laminated, that’s possible too – just get in touch with Tom or Stephen for more details.

While Tom is devoted to his work, he still finds time to spend with his six grandchildren, as well as his two cocker spaniels and koi carp (the latter residing in Tom’s rather large ‘pond’!). He’s also committed to the local community and gets involved in all the Bramhall events, from the Duck Race to the Scarecrow Festival. Ink and Toner World will soon be featuring a window display as part of Bramhall and Woodford Rotary Club’s Follow the Light campaign, so keep a lookout!

In the meantime, for all your printing needs, contact Ink and Toner World using the following links: