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I LOVE Chelsea Shoesmith

29th January 2017 | Written by ILB | Categories : reviews

I Love Bramhall’s favourite photographer is a named Chelsea Shoesmith.

The natural talent she has to catch the perfect shot of so many occasions is astounding, as you can see for yourself by the pictures she takes.

Chelsea Shoesmith

25 year old Chelsea was born in the area and raised in Poynton until her latter high school years which she spent down in Stoke with her mum while she studied photography. She’ll always see the Bramhall area as home and even claimed to get a calming feeling driving through it when she’s driving home! We know what you mean Chelsea! The years studying in Stoke led to a national diploma in photography, showing how far she came in the space since she got her first camera aged 16.

“It’s all I wanted to do when I was 16 – have taking photos as a job!”

Chelsea Shoesmith

                           Chelsea Shoesmith

Chelsea sees herself as an old lady in a young lady’s body. She knits, drinks tea, cooks and prefers socialising with her friends at meals rather than in clubs. Mercato is a favourite food for Chelsea, along with so many of us, but she’s even done the photography for them! All the photos we know and love at Mercato were taken by Chelsea, well done girl! Other Bramhall business she’s done work for include Juniper, Dzinr, Bramhall Together Trust, Chilli Banana, Moxie Mingle Events and of course I Love Bramhall and I Love Cheadle Hulme!

Chelsea Shoesmith

Chelsea’s work comes in all kinds of ways. One day in Chester, she bumped into a very attractive couple which seemed to have the best kind of chemistry. Not to let up on the opportunity, she gave them a business card and expressed interest in wanting to shoot for them – which they took up a month later in a styled shoot! The couple were so impressed that they’ve even booked Chelsea for their subsequent wedding which happened in January 2017!
chelsea shoesmith

In 2016, Chelsea started a personal project called ‘Just Because’ where she went round various places and took pictures for exactly that reason – just because! Whenever she goes anywhere, she’ll take pictures just for herself and add them to this project and has done long before ‘Just Because’ even started. That’s how passionate she is about photography – not many people have the pleasure of doing something they love as a job AND a hobby.

There are two websites that you need to look at. One for weddings and portraits and another for food. If you haven’t been on them yet, make sure you do it right after reading this, you won’t regret it.

chelsea shoesmith
Speaking of weddings, Chelsea has taken photos for all kinds of people in all kinds of places. One of the weddings in fact was for an Olympic cyclist and her husband. The wedding even made Hello magazine, who rang Chelsea before the wedding to let her know about it… no pressure! The bride became bride’s maid in another Olympian’s wedding who also used Chelsea’s photography skills – this time the photos were used in OK magazine. Not a bad resume you’ve got building here Chels…

Chelsea Shoesmith

Travelling isn’t a problem for Chelsea. Norway, Malta, Toronto, Iceland and Italy have all been places where she’s shot, with even more exotic places lined up for 2017.

chelsea shoesmith

Adding to the already impressive resume is being a regional finalist for ‘North West best wedding photographer’ and being a finalist in ‘Northern Wedding Awards.’ Enough information about Chelsea Shoesmith though for now, the pictures should do all the talking…I LOVE them! Enjoy