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I LOVE Bramhall Methodist Church

23rd August 2017 | Written by ILB | Categories : reviews

Bramhall Methodist Church is one of the most iconic and recognisable places in Bramhall. It lies in the heart of the village over the road from Mercato, just a few doors down from the Village Square and all that lies within there.

We met Reverend Philip Berry and the Children and Family worker Jo Fletcher to find out more about the church and the people behind the scenes there. It was quite a trip which even included a guided tour of the building (which is even more beautiful than it seems already once you’ve seen it all!).

Bramhall Methodist Church

Philip has been at the church for 3 years now after spending his life being a minister all around the country, more recently in Congleton before he moved to Bramhall. He is married to Joanna, with whom he shares 6 children who now live in different parts of the world. Whether it be Australia, Canada, Wales or other parts of England, it is fair to say that they’ve ‘flown the nest.’ Travel is therefore a great part of Philip and Joanna’s life, visiting their family in amazing parts of the world. Just a few days before we met, their daughter had returned from Australia for a short while, so they all went out to Ego for a family meal – a fine choice!

Bramhall Methodist ChurchOn the other hand, Jo Fletcher and her family moved to Bramhall in August 2010. She and her husband Andy share two daughters who both attend local schools. Jo herself grew up in Chester before going to Birmingham University and then moving to London for a few years until finally moving back up to the North West. Her previous job roles include being a media officer for Unicef no less! She’s now more than enjoying being a children and family officer at Bramhall Methodist Church, a role which she’s had for over six years. When she’s not enjoying running, Jo will enjoy the Bramhall eateries such as the Damson Tree. The church even ran a parenting course where they used the facilities there for a couple of sessions.

Bramhall Methodist Church

Onto the church itself. The foundation stone states that it was built in 1904. Phillip and Jo explained how the church is somewhere that deals with the needs of real people and offers something for all age groups. It has a fantastic family spirit to it, with over 400 members and many of them related. Whether it be a very small baby or a 90+ year old, the demographic there is more than ready to accept newcomers with open arms.

Bramhall Methodist Church

Not only do they serve the basic wants and needs of the locals, but they go above and beyond the call of duty as well. The thrift shop is charity shop at the side of the building, where the money raised (about £30,000 a year!) goes towards multiple projects, many of which are local. It is also completely run by volunteers, who are an amazing group of people. If you’d like to put your name forward to volunteer, then get in touch with them! It’s a very rewarding thing to do in terms of knowing that you’re doing a good deed for a great cause.

Bramhall Methodist Church

Bramhall Methodist Church also runs many classes. There are things like:

  • * Holiday club (Ocean World)
  • * ‘Who let the Dads out?’
  • * Traditional services
  • * Communion services
  • * Discussion groups
  • * Youth Fellowship on Sunday nights
  • * Messy Church – family friendly service
  • * Badminton
  • * Breakfast clubs
  • * Art groups
  • * Baby chat
  • * Pre-school

For a full list of what the church has to offer, visit their website. What we can guarantee, however, is that there will definitely be something that suits your wants and needs!

“We offer a place for community, the sense of welcome and friendship. But also the opportunity to explore faith further.”

One of the great assets of the church is that the doors are open to everyone, no matter what they’re looking for. Bramhall Methodist Church is there to provide you a warm welcome and a relaxed place to come and enjoy good company as well as the opportunity to learn more about faith and how it can help you. Please do visit their website for a more detailed list of what they can offer you and get in contact if you want to know more! We’re so lucky to have Bramhall Methodist Church in our village, and that’s why we LOVE it!


Bramhall Methodist Church