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history and facts

First appearing in the Doomsday Book our village was originally known as “Bramale”. As the English Language developed it has also been known as “Bromehaule near Stopporde”as well as “Bramall” without its “h”. Translated back into old English, the name of our village means “nook of land where broom goes” – with “broom” being a type of shrub that was common in the area.

The present form of Bramhall was settled just before Victoria came to the throne in 1837 due to the increasing levels of literacy and as formal registration was introduced, for example the Ordnance Survey map making, as well as the formal registration of births, deaths and marriages.

Bramhall has been crowned “Britain’s friendliest village” and  is a suburb of the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, in Greater Manchester, England. It has a population of about 25,500. Bramhall is also an affluent area with the SK7 postcode being very sought due to it’s beautiful homes, comprehensive amenities and excellent schools.

Bramhall boasts a beautiful 70 acre park (Bramhall Park) designed in the style of Capability Brown with terraces, lawns and lakes. It is crowned by Bramall Hall, a stunning example of a 14th Century Tudor Manor. Owned by Stockport MBC, Bramall Hall is open to the general public for viewing throughout the year. Private tours are available by request and it can also be hired as a superb intimate Wedding or special occasion venue. Although the venue might not have changed too much for weddings from the creation of the hall to now, society certainly has, with the first recorded wedding at the hall being between a 15 year old and 11 year old!


The Park has two large ponds and if you look closely you might catch a glimpse of its very own celebrity amphibian – a legendary turtle named “Bert”. It is believed that Bert’s father was believed to have been collected as a specimen by Darwin during his Beagle expedition in the early 1830s or actually he might just be a hangover from the 80’s trend of keeping terrapins due to the “Mutant Ninja Turtles” TV programme.  You might even see a beautiful Kingfisher nicknamed “Kenny” hovering around the ponds.

The hall itself almost ceased to exist as we know it, being almost fully destroyed during William the Conquer’s “Harrowing of the North” as he attempted to crush the remaining Anglo-Danish rebellions – even paying the Danes to go home! As a result of this, the value of Bramhall hall dropped from 32 shillings in 1066 to only 5 shillings 30 years later. Eventually the hall was passed to the Davenport Family; a family who’s crest included a man’s head with a rope around his neck, such was the power over life and death that they held in the region. 

The Davenports held the land of Bramhall for almost 500 years, with some notable characters taking charge during the period! The third Davenport took part in a series of attacks against Scotland, ordered by Henry VIII, and was eventually knighted for his efforts burning Edinburgh in 1544! By 1876 due to financial difficulties the Davenports sold the hall to a property development company for the equivalent of £17.3 million today! However, the hall would not remain in their possession for long. After the First World War due to financial difficulties they attempted to sell the property, but initially there were no buyers – leading to rumours that the hall would be dismantled and parts sent to the United States to raise funds! However thankfully, eventually an offer from the president of Manchester United Football Club was accepted, and upon his death the property was passed to the council and opened to the public, finally becoming the landmark we recognise today.

Bramhall has a number of bars, restaurants, cafes, clothes shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, charity shops, churches and a library. Many of these are housed in Bramhall’s village square, although some shops are in and around the main roads.

There is one High School – Bramhall High who has a Recreation Centre open to the public outside school hours (Life Leisure) and there are six Primary Schools namely Queensgate, Moss Hey, Pownall Green, Ladybrook, Valley School and Nevill Road.

One of Bramhall’s oldest sporting clubs is Bramhall Cricket Club, established in 1886, situated to the south of the village. There are also three lawn tennis clubs (LTC), Bramhall Queensgate LTC, to the north, Bramhall Lane LTC, close to the village, and Bramhall Park LTC, close to the park.

There are three golf courses in Bramhall: Moorend Golf Club, Bramhall Golf Club and Bramall Park Golf Club and Stockport Rugby Club is actually based in Bramhall.