Moxie Mingle at Tre Ciccio Moxie Mingle at Tre Ciccio
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Moxie Mingle at Tre Ciccio

Moxie Mingle at Tre Ciccio
Date: 12 Jun 2019 10:00 - 12:00
Location: Tre Ciccio, 26 Bramhall Lane South, Bramhall, SK7 1AL

Moxie is delighted to be heading to Tre Ciccio for their next networking event

Moxie Mingle is networking differently – different venues, – different people – different times.



There’s no hard sell, no referrals required, no membership, no commitment, just pay as you go. Open to all sectors of business, from sole traders to large organisations, male and female. Moxie is about making connections.

Moxieis run by Wendy Green, founder of &

It’s a relaxed gathering point for people to informally meet, find potential contacts to work with, share work or simply stories over a drink – whether that’s an evening chardonnay or a morning cappuccino!

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Guests are treated to a drink on arrival and nibbles and events generally lasts around 2 hours.

Bring along plenty of business cards and leaflets, as all guests will be given the opportunity to place their literature in a goody style bag for everyone to take away on departure.

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Questions we often get asked

  1. Q. I’m hesitant to network because I will be required to attend weekly meetings?
    A. At Moxie you come and go as you please.
  2. Q. I lack confidence but need to create awareness of my business.
    A. “Networking” can be scary and sometimes a daunting word, it shouldn’t be..think of it as a collaboration of like-minded people, who at any time may want your services and you might need theirs.
  3. Q. I’m worried it will be cliquey and everyone will know each other?
    A. Moxie is a friendly, relaxed event, everyone feels welcome. So be yourself, people buy people! Moxie allows an organic relationship to evolve and new friendships & trusted connections will blossom.
  4. Q. What happens if I can’t attend an event?
    A. Don’t worry we will miss you of course! but look forward to seeing you at the next one.
  5. Q. I’m just about to launch my business and haven’t even decided on my company name yet! Is it worth me coming?
    A. Yes, definitely, you’ll be surrounded by people who can help, advise & support you.
  6. Q. I’m only available to network in the evenings?
    A. That’s fine, we have events morning, noon and night to suit everyone’s diary
  7. Q. I’m not keen on standing up and doing a one minute talk about my business?
    A. You don’t need too! Wendy introduces everyone to the group so there’s no awkward speeches and silences.
  8. Q. Shall I bring business cards?
    A. Bring business cards, merchandise, leaflets, anything! We have Moxie goodie bags for everyone to take away, sometimes people give pens etc away
  9. Q. What can I expect?
    A. Everyone receives a name label on arrival, open networking, drinks and refreshments. Approximately an hour into the event, Wendy introduces everyone in the room following by more relaxed networking
  10. Q. What happens afterwards?
    A. You are sent a contact list with everyone’s details on, email, website, social media links etc. We encourage everyone to make contact after the event whether that’s via Linkedin, following them on Twitter, Instagram, liking their Facebook page, emailing them or arranging a meeting afterwards – tried to get the most out of your networking experience.
  11. Q. How long has Moxie been running?
    A. Six years – established in April 2012
  12. Q. Can I just turn up on the day?
    A. We encourage people to book on prior to the event so we have an idea on catering, but if your diary changes and you are able to come along please do, just pay at the door.
  13. Q. I might be late, can I still come?
    A. Of course! We realise people get stuck in traffic, on a phone call or held up in the office, it doesn’t matter just turn up when you can.
  14. Q. Will there be other people from my industry there?
    A. Maybe, we don’t operate any kind of lock-out, it is possible that multiple participants from the same industry could be in attendance, but don’t see them as the enemy, Moxie is the ideal place to find someone you can work with or bounce ideas off. We have found people do business with and refer to those with whom they have clicked and formed a relationship with.
  15. Q. How many people attend Moxie events?
    A. It varies, but generally anything between 20 – 30 people..sometimes more! Our record is 52 people!
  16. Q. Will I meet new people or is it the same faces?
    A. We make great efforts to promote our events to attract new participants allowing you the opportunity to meet new people. You will also see some of the same people you’ve met before, allowing you to continue previous conversations and grow and nurture an existing relationship
  17. Q. Is there a membership fee? A. No, just pay for the events you attend.

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