Living Life to the Full – Bramhall Methodist Church Living Life to the Full – Bramhall Methodist Church
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Living Life to the Full – Bramhall Methodist Church

Living Life to the Full – Bramhall Methodist Church
Date: 23 Jan 2019 19.30 to 20 Mar 2019 21.15
Location: 23 Bramhall Lane South, SK7 1AL

Feeling anxious or a bit low? Know anyone else who is?

Why not come along to “Living Life to the Full”? – a series of enjoyable life-skills classes teaching you techniques based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) that can help improve your wellbeing and resilience.

Developed in Scotland by Professor Chris Williams, “Living Life to the Full” is recommended by the NHS and a range of mental health charities.

“Living Life to the Full” is a series of life skills classes for people who want to improve their wellbeing and resilience, particularly those experiencing low mood or anxiety. Each class will be an enjoyable mix of short talks, group activities and discussion explaining how an aspect of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help you do this. Classes end with a Go for it! a time when you can think about how you will put what you have learnt into practice over the following week.

The classes have been developed to help people with low mood or anxiety. They will also be useful for those wanting to support friends, family, colleagues or neighbours or to learn how to protect themselves. Those with more serious symptoms or a clinical condition may benefit but should also seek specialist professional support (a visit to your GP is a good starting point).

This is the original non-religious version which we hope will be helpful to anyone in our community.

Each series will start with a taster session (about 60 mins) to help you decide whether they are the right choice for you. This will be followed by 8 weekly classes (90 mins). We are limited to 15 per class. 

Read what people said after attending the last course in the autumn:

“Having joined the classes reluctantly I found them very helpful. Many things changed, how I looked at life and found I could actually think on a different level. I really appreciated the friendly non-threatening ethos, laughter and so much more.”

“The course provided me with strategies that I can use to overcome troublesome, negative thoughts and become more self-confident and assertive.”

“I enjoyed the course because it gave me a range of practical, easy to implement tools to use to help me cope with stress.”

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