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Bramhall Together Trust

Bramhall Together Trust

Formed in May 2014 the ‘Bramhall Together Trust’, has created a partnership between local businesses, local community groups and churches. They plan to organise 3 key events a year.
· Bramhall Festival – June
· Bramhall’s Got Talent – Oct
· Light Up Bramhall – Dec

Though we have had a contribution from Bramhall Conservative Counsellors, they do rely totally on contributions from local businesses and the community. Each event costs in the region of £4,000 to put on.

Bramhall Together Trust wants to offer something for the whole village, by bringing the community together and showing everyone why we hold the title of Britain’s friendliest village. It creates opportunities for local people to get to know one another and contributes to the ‘feel good’ factor within the village. By keeping Bramhall vibrant and busy it builds a village where people want to shop, socialise and relax.

Local residents alike can get involved – either through participating in the events, attending or offering assistance. We have regular meeting at Fords Lane Church Hall, everyone involved works on a voluntary basis.

Anyone seeking to offer assistance, donate, take part, receive the minutes from the meeting or just wanting to know more about the Bramhall Together Trust can email [email protected]

Current Trust Members
Chair Person – Roger Prydderch – Prydderch Financial Planning Ltd
Vice Chair – Wendy Green – I Love Bramhall
Trustee – Sue Day – Modiste
Trustee – Jonathan Dawson – Fords Lane Church

Assisted by

  • Alejandra Solis – Local Resident
  • Chris Corry – Bramhall Record Fair
  • Jane Muldoon – Local Resident
  • Paul Taylor – Imagine FM
  • Jenny Dockney– Himor Group
  • Shelley Logan – Fords Lane Church
  • Jacqui Freeman – Local Resident

You can follow Bramhall Together Trust on Facebook for updates and Twitter @HelloBramhall

Dates for the 2017

  • Bramhall Festival – 24 June 2017
  • Bramhall’s Got Talent – 7 Oct 2017
    Light Up Bramhall – 3 Dec 2017

1st bramhall cubs & mayor Bramhall

Bramhall Festival 2014

BramhallTalent- Alex Lees