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Wendy Green – Founder of www.ilovebramhall.com

“Bramhall is quite simply a fantastic place to live that offers everything, no matter what your age, beliefs or interest,” says Wendy Green, the driving force behind I Love Bramhall.

I Love Bramhall unites residents, community groups and businesses in and around Bramhall. We’re a business directory, news outlet and community resource, operating online and in person via our founder Wendy Green – the face of I Love Bramhall.

“I was born and brought up in Bramhall; my first job was at Woolies!  My family have lived and breathed all things Bramhall.  I spent a number of years living in different parts of the country, but in the end I gravitated back to my roots.  I’ve travelled to many places but there really is no place I love more than Bramhall – it’s my home.”


“I can often be found walking my Bearded Collie around ‘Happy Valley’.  In fact most people would often remember my dog bumping into them, rather than bumping into me”.

“I want to share with visitors, as well as residents, just what Bramhall has to offer.  I want to support local businesses and services by profiling them on ilovebramhall.com.  My aim is to bring Bramhall to life through providing an online service to businesses and residents alike  – a place where they can find out what’s going on and how they can get involved”

Born in Ashley Drive in Bramhall, every stage of Wendy’s life until her late teens was focused around Bramhall.

Wendy experienced many of the groups and services unique to Bramhall through her parents’ involvement in the village. As well as serving a couple of years as Bramhall Natwest’s Deputy Manager, Wendy’s father, Roger Green, was an Elder at Fords Lane Church where Wendy was a member of the teenage Covenanters Group. Roger was also the Treasurer for Bramhall Christian Aid and Secretary for Churches Together in Bramhall and Woodford.  Whilst, Wendy’s mum was famous during the ‘70’s for her entrepreneurial second hand toy shop, The Gannet, which was quite simply the eBay of its day!

Wendy attended both the Brownies and Guides at Benja Fold.  For the past six years she has been involved with the Executive Committee for 4th Bramhall Scouts – the group that her 16 year old son attended for a few years.

Wendy’s business skills have proved invaluable wherever she has focused her attention, both within her own business and supporting her local community. Following her pivotal role helping to establish the Bramhall Festival and Light Up Bramhall 2009-2010, Wendy has used her unmatched list of contacts countless times to draw people together.

Wendy Green is quite simply a professional organiser, a true ‘Girl Friday’. Having run her own business helping people gain control of their lives, Wendy is perfectly placed to help people meet up to develop their business. The launch of her networking events, Moxie Mingle, nearly two years ago is testament to Wendy’s gift in drawing people together within an arena which benefits everyone involved. Wendy’s attention to detail and passion for delivering exceptional customer service has produced Moxie Mingles that buzz with energy, where people can share knowledge, contacts and make new friends.

So now Wendy’s attention is turned to her new venture – the launch of iLoveBramhall.com, a website which highlights Bramhall based businesses, services and people. With Wendy’s networking and social media expertise, business acumen and contacts, not to mention her extensive local knowledge – there is nobody better placed to provide this information pool, profiling literally everything Bramhall has to offer.